An Environmentalist, An Entrepreneur, A Successful homemaker

An Environmentalist, An Entrepreneur, A Successful homemaker

There is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.” But when it comes to the matter of saving money, people are confused. Dealing with money, especially after major life transitions such as loss of income, divorce, job changes, or a death in the family makes people frustrated and vulnerable.

How about saving money which can overcome all such situations. This is what Ms. Renu Maheswari, a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser focuses on. An ardent finance professional, Ms. Renu completed her MBA – Finance and subsequently started her career in Corporate Finance. The nuances of managing her own finances led her to shift the focus on personal finance management issues.

Her keen interest towards personal finance management led her to acquire Certified Financial Planner(CFP), Certified Personal Finance Advisor(CPFA) and Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA-I) qualifications successfully.

Being an environmentalist, an entrepreneur and a successful homemaker, Ms. Renu gained rich experience in corporate training and content development in the field of personal and corporate finance. Having witnessed multiple recessionary and inflationary cycles during her consulting practice, her expertise in managing personal finances through tough times, she realised how people have a tough time when it comes to financial problems during the important phases of life. This led her to integrate life coaching techniques and behavioral aspects of money with her thriving financial planning practice transforming it into an enterprising Personal Finance Coaching program.

Being a woman, she believes that it is the woman who has the real knowledge of investments. She helps her clients develop objectivity, practical skills and understanding to deal with a wide range of money issues. She wants to train her clients in such a way that they are able to take charge of their finances and attain independence!

In a country like India, it is said Gold is a good form of investment and in every household people buy gold for investment but Ms. Renu Maheswari strictly says, “Gold is not the best form of an investment. If you really want to invest gold, buy gold coins rather than buying gold ornaments.” Talking about the Insurance policies, she said that it is just a cover risk.

Ms. Renu Maheshwari strongly believes that “drained of emotions, money is nothing. It has no power except the power we give it. And what we give determines what it gives back to us.” She advises that before making any investment, it is extremely important to identify the goal and then understand the asset classes, evaluate risks before linking them with the goal.

She advises every woman to start understanding the goal and start investing to achieve the goal. She with the help of the DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund has conducted workshops for employees of many software companies and other private sector companies. At present, she is also focussing on the young generation starting from colleges. After conducting workshops in colleges, she believes that the young generation are more keen to know about investment than the people who are in 40s and above.

Her deep finance domain knowledge, academic skills and expertise in interpreting money behavior is now being offered through Finscholarz’ services for finance education for professionals and personal finance coaching for individuals.

Women, who have finally broke the bondage, who have started earning money should also start investing money by seeking the help of financial advisers who will help them in investing their money for specific goals.