Certificate Course for Colleges

Finscholarz believe that while educating present workforce about investments is necessary, sustainable long term behavioural change can be brought about if these we train them young…

Our  certificate programs in Stella Maris College, Chennai  is part of such effort. We offer certificate courses which makes the students job ready for financial services market and at the same time equips them with the most important skill in life: Personal Finance Management.

We offer  three certificate programs (each with  30 hours of Interactive Classroom Sessions),  using VAK Model, real life case studies and on line assessments.

  1. Basics of Financial Planning and Financial Mathematics

An introduction to the six step financial planning process and financial mathematics used in managing personal finance. The certificate course gives a birds eye view of the complexities involved in managing all aspects of personal finance.

  1. Personal Taxation and Retirement Planning

Educates the participants about all practical aspects of tax planning, filing the returns and all aspects of retirement planning. With the governments and organisations moving from defined benefits to defined contribution retirement schemes, this knowledge can prove to be a life enabler to the students.

  1. Quantitative Finance and Basics of Portfolio Management

Managing portfolios in the complex capital markets can be a daunting task. This course equips the participants with the basics of portfolio management and practical skills to practice.

These courses form part of the ‘Diploma in Wealth Management’ offered by Finscholarz at Stella Maris College.