What Our Clients Say

Renu has given my financial life a direction and I have come out of my stress and I am far more happy to realize that my financial position is not so bad now. I have found not only a supportive adviser, but a good friend in Renu.

Ms. Sathya Rao
Advocate –

It’s time now for women to empower themselves and be independent especially when it comes to taking care of their finances. There is no guarantee in this fast paced world that there will be a father, brother or husband to help you with your money. You need someone reliable, empathetic, understanding, knowledgeable and transparent. I found all of these qualities and more in Renu Maheshwari. I can now sleep peacefully knowing that my money is working for me in meeting my future goals and I can look forward to a better future. Thanks to my able financial consultant ....Renu Maheshwari

Ms. Tarulatha Rajkumar
Executive – Singapore Airlines

I attended the Financial Planning & Portfolio Management (FPPM) course and knew from my first class, that this course would be hours filled with knowledge that'll come into use long after I get the certificate in my hand. However, the best decision I made was to continue my learning of this stream through the internship provided by Finscholarz. Things I have learnt through these two opportunities will never be forgotten. The first situation where all this learning was a big help was during my placements through college. The recruiting company was Tata capital and by stroke of luck the job profile was in relation to everything I had learned through the course and the internship. Using it all, I was able to fulfill their requirements without any problem (me being an economics student, who knew so much about finance shocked them!!) Finally I have been placed in the company of my choice which wouldn't have been possible had i not decided to enter the conference room for the FPPM classes. Thank you Renu ma'am for being an amazing teacher and a mentor to me.

Ritwika Dubey
Analyst – Tata Capital