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Life Goals

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Revolutionizing financial management

Redefining your path to financial success


Tailored financial solutions for life's transitions: Specializing in Retirement, Separation, Widowhood


Lives After...

From starting out to retirement and everything in between:

Serving financial planning and investing needs of all ages

Securing lives before and after you, for your family:

Our pioneering

"Life Continuation Plan"

to safeguard loved ones

Putting you first, every step of the way:

Holistic, commission-free investment advising services customized to your unique financial goals

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  • Client first focus
    SEBI Registered Investment Advisor With A Fiduciary Relationship With Our Clients! Finscholarz was established with a groundbreaking 21st century idea: financial intermediaries should prioritize their clients' best interests. Whether you're young or old, a senior executive or just starting your adult life, an UHNI or someone in debt, a business owner or an employee, we offer cost-effective and holistic solutions tailored to your unique needs. We approach our services like a doctor-patient relationship, taking the time to understand your situation before prescribing any financial remedies.
  • Conflict free zero commission practice
    Experts On Your Side At Finscholarz, we firmly believe that all investors deserve impartial advice. Our practice is rooted in long-term orientation and a commitment to transparency in our fee structure. We never earn commission income or any other form of remuneration, which is essential to our client-centric approach. By removing conflicts of interest, we keep our focus solely on our clients' financial success.
  • Trusted advice for life
    We Measure Our Success Not By The Profits We Earn But By The Number Of Lives We Touch! Backed by over a decade of experience, our mission is to assist you in achieving your financial goals, providing expert advice and support that works for you not just today, but throughout every stage of your life and beyond. Life is a journey filled with ups and downs, but with a trusted partner by your side, you can navigate it with ease and peace of mind. Our practice has been designed to provide clients with lasting financial solutions that can endure for generations to come, ensuring a secure future for you and your loved ones.
  • Driven by processes
    We take a methodical approach to help you plan your life goals. Our process captures all essential financial data and future objectives in a quantifiable and quality-checked manner, leaving no room for guesswork. We have standardized every task and output to ensure consistency, and our rigorous process guarantees that every aspect of your financial life - asset allocation according to your goals, investment management, life insurance needs, tax planning and filing is addressed adequately.
  • Powered by analytical tools
    At every step of the way, from financial data collection to financial plan reporting, we rely on powerful analytical tools. These tools have been expertly designed and developed based on our profound experience in the field. Our focus is on what is essential for effective planning, rather than simply crunching numbers. Whether we're working on asset allocation, retirement planning scenarios and sensitivity analysis, insurance policy x-ray analysis, or need analysis, every aspect is supported by our internally developed tools.
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